Jordan Miller Talks About Son’s Cancer Diagnosis

Whether you know him from Mix 94.1, our sister station 1480 WHBC or are a part of his homegrown social media following, Jordan Miller has plenty of fans. Jordan has created a reputation for himself in the Canton area for having integrity as an independent news source, his skills with a camera and for embracing the community that he is a part of. Now the radio host has the community embracing him, as he and his family face down the worst nightmare of parents; Jordan and Makaela Miller’s son Xavier is facing a battle with childhood cancer.

7 month old Xavier Miller started coughing around Thanksgiving and given the amount of upper respiratory  infections currently going around in Northeast Ohio, doctors assumed that’s what he had. Antibiotics and steroids didn’t resolve the issue, his mom Makaela felt uneasy and when Xavier’s breathing became labored on his first Christmas, the Miller family took him to Akron Children’s Hospital. That’s where an x – ray revealed a mass in Xavier’s chest that was pushing on his spine and lungs. In the hours and days that followed, it was confirmed that Xavier has neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a relatively rare childhood cancer that develops in nerve tissue and effects fewer than 20,000 kids per year. The experts at Akron Children’s Hospital started treatment immediately and continue to help the Miller family navigate through this challenging and complex situation. Miller was quick to praise the individuals at Akron Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House and Wishes Can Happen for everything they’ve done for Xavier and the Miller family.

Jordan joined Mix Mornings with Matt Fantone on January 3rd to talk about how his wife’s intuition and advocacy were essential for an early diagnosis, his experience with Akron Children’s Hospital and his advice to other parents. Along with that audio, the most recent social media post from Jordan is included. If you’re interested in helping Jordan, Makaela and Xavier, click here.

Notable points:

Xavier is doing relatively well. Agitated and annoyed by doctors, he continues to be the loving and happy baby he has always been. He’ll be facing chemotherapy over the next weeks and will hopefully have a shrinking tumor that gives doctors options.

The Millers are back home but will be continuing treatments at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Jordan mentions that doctors continue to use the word “favorable” which is no promise, but still a victory worth celebrating.

Makaela is a teacher in Minerva and will be taking time off to take care of Xavier. Jordan will return to 1480 in a limited capacity starting next week.

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