I love when artists decide to go out of their usual territory and try their hand at other genres! It’s a good way to keep their sound fresh, and it’s always smart to try your hand at things with which you’re not as familiar! Never sit in one place too long, ya know? This brings me to my next point:

Justin Bieber could be going country? Beliebers may want to get out the cowboy hats and boots just in case! Bieber has teamed up with the country duo Day + Shay, so that might be our hint. On Dan + Shay’s Instagram account, the released a teaser video veiled in ambiguity. With only ambient strings and synth swells, maybe it’s not country, maybe they’ll both go for something more experimental! The song is called 10,000 Hours, and it comes out tomorrow, Oct. 4, so I guess we’ll be finding out soon regardless!

Do you think country music fans will embrace Justin Bieber?

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