If you’re heading across the pond soon, you could become the most popular person in your circle of friends. KFC is selling limited edition gravy scented candles on a first-come first-serve basis.
Only 230 are available, which means they probably won’t last much longer, so you’ll have to run once you clear customs. But you’ll be rewarded with what the fried chicken giant calls, “the sweet, soulful aroma of KFC gravy” if you do.
At the UK KFC site, users can sign up in a raffle for one now, which KFC says will “fill your home with Finger Lickin’ good vibes.”
The Colonel also offers up “relaxing” and “de-stressing” therapy on their British site, through the sounds of frying chicken, fries, and simmering gravy at the new KFChill experience.
Are you a scented candles person? What’s the strangest one you own? Does it live up to the description?

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