(ONN) – What started as a routine traffic stop on Interstate 77 near Cleveland turned into a high-speed chase into neighborhoods that resulted in damage to a state trooper’s car and two others from Newburgh Heights police.

Even with the officer tapping on the window the woman steps on the gas and nearly hits him as she tried to get away.

The officers, with their guns drawn, didn’t fire their weapons.

Once the woman finally stopped an exasperated officer asked her what she was doing.

She said that she was just going to work.

The officer said “do you have any idea what you just did?”

The woman said “yes sir”, to which the officer replied “obviously you don’t!”

Officials say the officers would have been well within their rights to open fire, because her van was basically a 2,000 pound weapon coming at the officers.

The woman has been charged with felonious assault and failure to comply.