America’s Sweetheart has officially done it! He’s made his way to the number one spot in America!

Between all the top pop musicians hitting the charts, Lewis Capaldi has been a stand out figure. While his song, “Someone You Loved,” is fantastic and heartbreaking, what really strikes me is his online persona. Capaldi’s posts are notably ridiculous most of the time. With that, it comes to no surprise when he celebrates hitting number one in America by taking to his Instagram story… with face paint.

The Scottish singer over the past month has went on a campaign donning the title “America’s Sweetheart.” In the campaign, he took to his social media dressed up as Uncle Sam and made a flurry of story posts online. He even had specially made singles for the occasion. In the past week, he’s personally made response posts to many who had sent him screenshots of album purchases. So after the news broke, he celebrated in true Capaldi fashion. He made a long series of Instagram story posts with his face painted as the American Flag. “I’ve got my face paint. This is my skin now. This is actually just my skin. I bleed America!” He then followed with, “Lizzo did this every week. Everyone does this right?” The remarks are very over the top and get pretty vulgar (would probably say language is fairly NSFW), but if that doesn’t bother you, check out his Instagram story! It’s a goofy celebration of a long road to number one!

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