“Old Town Road” was a juggernaut of a song that hit us this summer with full force! The big question for any artist with such a massive first single like that is whether they can follow it up with something just as great. We’ve all had the nervousness of seeing if a second date or interview will go as smooth as the first, and I can only imagine that’s what Lil Nas X is going through. Well, he is certainly stepping up to the plate to try to deliver!

Thursday afternoon, Lil Nas X released the video for his next single, “Panini.” While it doesn’t have the country charm of “Old Town Road,” it still retains the bass and beat that got you moving. Rather than the setting of the old west in a city suburb, we’re now in the bright neon future.  This thematically follows closer with his actual EP which features similar artwork. Listen and see what you think!

Are you a fan of his new song and video? Do you think this song bops as hard as “Old Town Road?”

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