(WHBC) – The first day of medical marijuana sales in Ohio didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.

“Yeah, they’ve had a couple bumps in the road,” said Mary, who spent hours at the packed dispensary The Botanist, on Greentree Avenue in Canton.

She said patients the store had registered in the morning had to be re-registered due to a computer glitch.

Another customer said the system wasn’t reading older Ohio licenses, and that’s what caused a long delay.

When we spoke with Mary at around 1 p.m., she said she was number 61 in line, and that they were calling numbers in the 30s at that time.

She and her ex-husband went to get a bite to eat to pass the time.

Mary said the medical marijuana will really help the quality of life for her ex-husband, who is disabled and has constant pain.

“He did have a pain pump installed, but he had that removed and will just be going on the medical marijuana instead.”

She said the store was doing the best it could with the large amount of customers and the computer glitches it encountered.

“Yeah, it’s standing room only in there.”

A man who said he was 21st in line was leaving the store with his medical marijuana at around 1 p.m.

He said he got in line at 8:30.

He said the store took $25 off the $50 price tag for his product because of the long wait.

Get more information on Ohio’s medical marijuana program here.