Lunch on the Lawn with the Band Camino (Video)

The Band Camino recently performed a sold-out show at the Agora in Cleveland. On their way to the soundcheck, they stopped off to have some “Lunch On The Lawn” w/ us and some very lucky Mix 94-1 listeners. The boys performed live, ate pizza (shout-out to Lindsey’s!) and took photos right in the Mix 94-1/WHBC frontyard here in Downtown Canton. A fun day was had by all!

Thanks to Elektra Records for hookin’ it up. Here’s just SOME of the fun stuff you may have missed. More cool “artist encounters” like this are in the works.

Meantime- Go download, stream and buy everything with The Band Camino’s name on it. Good dudes for sure!

Photo Credit: You Tube / Mix 94-1