With the coronavirus isolation residents in senior living facilities have very limited access to visitors from outside, if at all.  A woman who lives in Windsor Estates Assisted Living was really missing seeing her son.  Visitors are able to talk with the residents outside of their window but Charley Adams’ mother lives on the 3rd floor.  So he had to get creative!

Charley owns a tree service business in Youngstown that has a bucket truck!  So he took the truck to Windsor Estates and got in the bucket.  Then he had the bucket lifted to just outside his mom’s window and he called her.  He told her to look out her window and they were able to visit.  The chatted for about 10 minutes while his wife was on the ground with their dogs.  His wife took some pictures which went viral.   Now she’s been getting lots of calls from family and friends around the country so she’s staying more connected.