It’s always really hard to see kids go hungry at schools. When a child is in a financial situation that has them worrying about when they may get their next meal, it’s truly heartbreaking. What’s even more arduous is when children rack up debt before they are even in their teens. It’s unfathomable that kids would have debt just to eat while in school. That’s why acts of decency such as this one are tremendous!

Andrew Levy has done something pretty remarkable that will impact the lives of 400 students in Florida. After seeing a local Facebook post about children who couldn’t afford to buy lunch, the Jupiter real estate agent decided to take action by paying the balance for 400 kids in full. During an interview with CNN, he said “I thought that’s crazy. Food is something you shouldn’t have to think about. Children shouldn’t learn hungry.” He says he isn’t stopping there, Levy may start a GoFundMe page to raise money every quarter and has already inspired others to step up.

How else could we come together to solve this problem?

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