Your working with your co-worker on a project, late nights, lunch meetings, and constant phone or email communication usually comes with the territory, however, after the project is done you still feel yourself, emailing, having lunch together and “working late” then boom! You start having feelings for your co-worker, but you’re married.

Many times this could lead to severe consequences in your marriage but it doesn’t have to, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, Ph.D. and founder of Growing Self Counseling & Coaching says, “It’s fairly common for married people, even happy and committed married people, to develop feelings for others.” Dr. Bobby says that once you notice it crossing the line it’s important to discuss it with your spouse, “it provides you with accountability and transparency that will protect you from getting deeper into a romantic entanglement.”

It’s also suggested that you avoid contact with the person and keep it professional, and don’t get too down on yourself, whatever sparked your interest is probably what you’re missing in your marriage, be open and honest with your spouse about your wants and needs.

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