Mike Doss Selected For The College Football Hall Of Fame
Photo: Youtube.com

Mike Doss has been selected for the College Football Hall of Fame and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. At every level of the game, Doss excelled and his time as an Ohio State Buckeye was truly legendary. From 1999 to 2002, Doss was a 3 time All Big 10 player and a 3 time All American first team. As a senior, he was tempted to leave Columbus for the NFL, but made a commitment to the Buckeyes and set a goal to win a National Championship. Doss delivered for his team and helped the Buckeyes win their first championship in over 30 years. Along with his impressive collegiate career, Doss was a winner on every level. He was a member of the 2006 Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl victory and he won back to back championships for the Canton McKinley Bulldogs in 1997 and 1998.