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Motorola Brings Back The Razr

When I was in my high school show choir, we once had a performance on a Sunday morning at our town’s local Baptist church. I usually put my phone on silent during performances for obvious reasons, but not today. Well my phone went off in the middle of a prayer, and the song blaring through the thick  silence of the halls was “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls. Don’t ask why that was my ringtone, I really don’t know why. But it was uniquely mine, so everyone in the choir knew just whose phone it was. This was one of many memories with my Motorola Razr! I always look back fondly of the memories I shared with it, and this news has me tempted to get one again.

After being squashed by Motorola years ago, the company has announced that the popular Motorola Razr phone is coming back.  The phone will still have the Razr look but will be updated with the technology of today.  Look for tech like a touch-screen keyboard, smart camera, water repellency, a smart camera, and much more.  The part that sucks is that the phone will only be available for Verizon users, run on the Android platform, and will cost about $1,500. You can pre-order the phone starting on December 26.

Did you use the Razr back in the day? Will you switch from your present phone to a Razr?

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