Need Free Winter Date Ideas?

Dating can be expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to spend money every time you see your someone to snuggle up with, but you do have to get creative. If you’re even more strapped than usual thanks to the holidays, here are some free winter date ideas to try when you’re stumped about what to do with your sweetie when you’re broke.

  • Build a snowman – If you live in a winter wonderland, get out and enjoy that snow with your sweetie. Building a snowman is fun, it’s exercise, and it’s a totally free way to enjoy some quality time outside together.
  • Have a cook-off – Stay inside in the cozy kitchen and put your cooking skills to the test with a friendly competition. You and your partner can both prepare your best homemade pizza or avocado toast and see who the winner is.
  • Drive to check out the best Christmas lights – Head to the upscale neighborhood where you know they do up the light displays and Christmas decor. You can even Google where to go to find the best streets in your area.
  • Stay in and watch a movie – Netflix and chill this season with a good movie and some hot cocoa or a bottle of wine. It’s romantic, easy and practically free.
  • Have a winter photoshoot – If you’re all about Instagram, dress up and head out to take a bunch of photos with your bae. Get a stranger to take some of you both and take turns snapping each other for a fun, free date.
  • Make a gingerbread house – Relive your childhood with your S.O. by creating a gingerbread house. You can get creative, improve team-building skills, and even catch a sugar high from licking the frosting.
  • Go ice skating – This one is pretty much the most wintery date idea around, but ‘tis the season. Ice skating may be free or pretty cheap, depending on where you live and it’s so romantic being bundled up and holding hands as you skate.




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