In what appears to be an attempt to do for chocolate what Starbucks did for coffee, Nestlé is looking to up the candy ante by introducing a $17 KitKat bar.

Touted as a “luxury, handcrafted” version of the original, the new “KitKat Chocolatory” is being introduced in the U.K. just in time for the holiday season, Nestlé has announced. Chocolate connoisseurs will be able to pick from 1,500 flavor combinations, including Earl Grey, Cherry Bakewell and Whiskey & Ginger. Nestlé exec Rabia Khan calls the announcement “the biggest news for KitKat since the introduction of the KitKat Chunky exactly 20 years ago.” But don’t expect to see the high-priced chocolate bar arrive in the U.S. anytime soon. On this side of the pond, KitKat bars are made by Hershey, which licenses the product from Nestlé.

Would you pay $17 for a KitKat bar, regardless of what flavor it is? What’s best candy you’ve ever eaten?

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