Using your buddy’s Netflix username and password to stream shows? You would be one of the many “pirates” that could have Netflix losing $192 million per month, according to a new cord-cutting study. estimates that 24 million Netflix users are mooching someone else’s info to gain access to the service, causing Netflix $192 million in lost revenue monthly, or $2.3 billion annually. Those that use Amazon Prime Video on someone else’s dime cause Amazon to lose $45 million a month and Hulu loses about $40 million monthly with piracy.
Who are the biggest moochers? Millennials, who are the largest pirating demographic for Netflix piracy, accounting for 18% of the company’s 24 million monthly freeloaders.
If you wanna know how much you’re saving by using someone else’s Netflix account, you’re saving nearly $96 a year.
Do you pay for your streaming services? Do you consider it “stealing” if you borrow someone else’s account info?

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