Never Stop Crafting Your “You”

I’ve been thinking a lot about what a conversation I had with a friend. At only 30  years old, they aren’t happy with where they are in their life: their career, their relationship, and their own personal hobbies and habits. Their resounding argument for not improving their situation is “I’m just too old to change things now.”

This brings me to today’s #MindfulMoment.

I don’t care how old you are or what your life situation is. It’s never too late to start, anything! Whenever I hear someone talk about their dreams or how they feel empty because of one reason or another, and they always recycle the same reasons as to why they can’t change their life: they’re too old, its too late, the ship has sailed, etc. It breaks my heart. The only person that puts limits on your potential or wants or needs… is yourself. Don’t be a defeatist. Be your cheerleader. You want to start a new career at 50? Do it. You think you can never lose that weight? Start with baby steps and set a path. You think you can’t find love or or stability? Not with that attitude. Stop comparing yourself to others and their timelines, and create your own. We’ve only got one life! Make the most of it, and don’t let weird time limits put on us by society, for whatever reason, hold you back