What is it we are always told? “Ladies, when you are going through something, PLEASE DON’T TOUCH YOUR HAIR!” While I understand the sentiment behind that statement (because let’s be honest girls, there have been some hair tragedies due to a rather rough break up), I think we should be careful using that as a blanket statement to live by. For many of us, how we express ourselves to the world is how we feel inside. Sometimes, that can work in reverse too. When you feel like your life isn’t going the way you want to or planned, sometimes changing your hair is a great way to feel like you’ve regained some control. Recently, I decided to go shorter than I ever have before with my lovely locks. And you know what? It made me feel empowered. Like I could take on the world. Not only because I spruced myself up, but because I had the courage to go outside my comfort zone. If you are experiencing changes in your life that are unplanned, or the opposite and have found yourself in a rut, I encourage you to do the same. The beauty about hair is it grows back. So, rock the new you! I’m sure it will look fabulous.

Like my new look? Here’s how I got it:

I took off about 8 inches (yikes!). My hair comes down to right below my ears, and I have a ton of layers in it. I parted my hair on the side, about an inch past a middle part. I then used the Extra Body Sculpting Gel product by Paul Mitchell on my hair while it was wet. From there I scrunched my hair as I dried it, and massaged my roots with my palm to give it more body. To get the wavy look over my forehead, I took a little more hair from the other side of my part, and dried it by pulling my bangs up. I then teased it with a comb. After that, I added hairspray and kept sculpting my hair as I went.