Tiny Desk concerts have always had a wide array of artists, but it’s not too often you see such pop icons on the listing – that is until recently! Back when I first started watching Tiny Desk concerts, the first one that caught my attention was when the Avett Brothers played back around 2009. From this point, I was hooked by the intimate style in the quaint office setting. No monitors, no production, just a camera, boom mic, and a tiny desk. With that being said, boy how that tiny desk has grown! Lately featuring showstoppers such as The Jonas Brothers and Lizzo, I don’t think a more iconic pop artist could grace the NPR office other than Taylor Swift!

Taylor mentioned at the start of the small concert that Tiny Desk was “One of my favorite corners of the internet.” She noted that she wanted to take this moment “as an opportunity to show you how the songs sounded when I first wrote them.” All the songs off of her newest album, Lover, started off written on a single instrument, so she wanted to portray them in that state. Her set included the songs “The Man,” “Lover,” “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” and “All Too Well.” Between the songs, she speaks a bit about the inequities women experience that led to creation of “The Man.” She also spoke about the crisis of a question that haunts her from her interviews: What will you write about if you ever become happy? Lastly, she lets you in about her favorite line in her song “Lover,” and talks about the song she’s most proud of from Red!

What was your favorite song from the set? Do you have a favorite artist Tiny Desk performance?

Check out the video at the link below!


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