It definitely takes a lot for parents to finally see their kids as more than just their babies, and deciding what age is right for their first anything isn’t always easy. Well, now a new survey reveals the ages most parents feel are appropriate for their kids “firsts” and it may show you how bad you really are at letting go.

The survey finds that it’s the moms who are mainly responsible for deciding when their child can have their first anything, with 78% of moms saying they are the decision makers in the household.

These days, the one thing most kids probably hound their parents about most is getting their first cellphone, and the study finds that for most parents, 12-and-a-half is the age they will trust kids to have their own phone. But even though they are ready for a phone, apparently they aren’t ready to stay home alone, with most parents saying they won’t leave their kid home alone unsupervised until they are 13.

Other appropriate ages for “firsts” include:

  • Use the Internet (with supervision) – 9 years
  • Dress themselves – 7 years
  • Get their first job/earn their own money – 13 years
  • Pack their own lunch – 11 years
  • Study independently for a test – 10-and-a-half years
  • Wash and fold their own clothes – 12 years


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