You may have heard that Cardi B is applying to have her catchphrase, “Okurr” trademarked, but there’s a ton of people who say the rapper didn’t invent the word.

Out Magazine has receipts on “Okurr” saying the word was first used in 2014 by RuPaul’s Drag Race season six contestant Laganja Estranja. Estranja, says the phrase originated in the ballroom culture and tweeted Cardi asking to dance for her next “Okurr” moment.

Reddit users pointed out that white actress Laura Bell Bundy used it in her 2010 YouTube sketch comedy to impersonate black hair stylists. According to Patrik-Ian Polk, director of the 2008 rom-com Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom, the phrase came from actor Rodney Chester who used the word in the movie. Chester told Out, “I can’t fight her but I wish she would call me and say ‘I heard that you actually made this word up, and I’m going to send you a lil something.’ I sure would accept it.”

Do you think Cardi will successfully trademark “Okurr” and should she give credit to those that have said “Okurr” before her?

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