Gamers are a committed bunch! Trophies, speed runs marathons, and Major League Gaming are a testament to their dedication; however, I could not think of a better example than the following.

A man in Washington was parked on the shoulder of the road. Since the shoulder is used for emergencies, a cop stopped to check on him. To the cops surprise, he had found the man had makeshift holder suited with 8 phones all playing Pokemon Go. He was not cited for this, because he was parked when he was playing.

Now I’ve seen at least 3 people walk around with a similar contraption, and even one man who has used a harmonica holder to keep the game at eye level. Usually, these particular PoGo players will have someone with them to play as they drive though, so they can focus on the road.

Do you play Pokemon Go? Do you have a friend who goes to great lengths for their game?

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