(WHBC) – An ex-convict is facing charges after allegedly stabbing a relative and holding him captive in Canton.

According to court records, James Louis Sexton punched his cousin several times during an argument.

Police say Sexton, 43, then stabbed the victim multiple times in the back.

After the stabbing, Sexton allegedly kept the victim in the house overnight and refused to allow him to receive any sort of medical attention.

Police say Sexton played psychological games with the victim, telling him that if he made it until 6 a.m. he would call for help.

Sexton is charged with felonious assault, abduction and a parole violation.

His bond was set at $75,000.

His next court date is March 14th.

Sexton was released from prison last August after serving time for a 2010 conviction on charges of aggravated robbery, assault, burglary and escape.