(ONN) – Canton definitely has some big ones on the roads — potholes that is — and with the wild swing in temperatures even more are popping up.

And with so many new potholes, crews are having trouble keeping up with patching them.

In the winter of 2018 – ODOT put down 1,524 tons of asphalt on state and U.S. routes and interstates.

Already in 2019’s winter they’ve put down 2,574 tons.

“We have to address anything that would be an emergency issue and could potentially put people in danger,” said ODOT Spokesperson Matt Bruning.

He says the up and down temperatures this week have been brutal on the roads.

If a pothole is reported and crews can’t get to it by a certain amount of time and then your car gets damaged by that specific road crater, you can file with the Ohio Court of Claims.

Since 2013, ODOT has paid out $3.4 million in damages.