Pregnant women have to put up with a lot, from strangers walking up and touching their bellies, to people asking when they’re due and offering rude comments like “Oh, you’re so big already!” But one mom-to-be recently took to Reddit to post her crazy experience with a stranger who totally crossed the line – by throwing away her coffee!

The mom is 36-weeks pregnant and admits she’s feeling “tired and grumpy,” so she was really looking forward to her pick-me-up: one cup of coffee. The mom gets that she has to limit her caffeine intake and had ordered a cold brew at her local coffee shop when an older woman started lecturing her about it.

When she went to the counter to get her order, preggo mom says the stranger started telling her “You can’t have that!” So mom-to-be tells her “it’s one cup, it’s fine,” but the stranger kept going, shouting “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED!” at her. But then the stranger took her precious cup of Joe and tossed it in the trash can! “You can’t be serious,” the pregnant woman told the stranger. “It’s fine. My doctor even says it’s fine.”

Even the barista was shocked that this stranger had the nerve to trash someone else’s brand new beverage, so she dutifully started making the mom-to-be another cup of coffee. Meanwhile, the mom is begging this woman to leave her alone, telling her she’s tired and only gets one cup a day, but that’s when it got even weirder. The stranger went off, yelling that the coffee would make the baby come now and how she can’t stop her daughter from drinking coffee, so she’s going to stop this woman.

At this point, the woman tried to take the second cup of coffee and preggo woman has had enough. She loudly yells for the coffee trasher to leave her alone and says she’s making her uncomfortable, and this got through and the stranger left. The kind barista gave her a drink coupon and apologized for the stress, but come on! Commenters backed her up and reassured her that this was not okay. Don’t mess with a pregnant woman – especially her coffee!


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