Well ’tis the season, and I just got sick, so here’s what to do once it passes!

Flu season is upon us and the last thing you want to do is spread it to everyone in your home. So you just got over the flu, time to clean the entire house, right? Not necessarily. The most important areas to tackle are the bathroom, kitchen and shared space in the bedroom. Retrace the steps of the sick person and clean those areas first. If they went into the kitchen for food or touched the TV remote in the living room-clean the remote, clean the fridge door handle, clean the faucet handles. The TV remote, cell phone, tablets are breeding grounds for germs as they can live on those surfaces for 48 hours so definitely clean those. Wash your sheets, pillow cases and other bedding. Clean all door handles in your home and of course-wash your hands!

What is your post-flu ritual?

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