He’s been portrayed negatively in memes, his arm bloody, holding a handgun. Gaige Grosskreutz is one of three men shot by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse Aug. 25 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the only one to survive. Now, he’s telling his side of the story. Previously working as a paramedic before returning to college, the 22-year-old says he made the 40-mile trek to attend the protests – packing his medic bag and his legally owned, concealed-carry, handgun. He switched from protester to medic when he saw the need, putting on an identifying hat, and aiding anyone he could. Video about the time Grosskreutz was shot shows people identifying Rittenhouse as an active shooter. “I never fired my gun,” Grosskreutz told CNN. “I was there to help people. Not hurt them.” 90% of Grosskreutz’s bicep was shot off. “I was shot point blank with a .223 round from the shooter,” adding that he’s in constant pain, physically and emotionally. Rittenhouse’s legal team says they’ll prove self-defense. While Grosskreutz’s lawyer argues, among many things, that Rittenhouse wasn’t old enough to legally possess the gun in the first place.