(WHBC) – Don’t be alarmed when you see a lot of safety forces responding to Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium throughout the day on Thursday, it’s only a drill.

The Canton police and fire departments, as well as various other agencies, will be practicing their response to a weapons of mass destruction incident.

“It’ll be real-play as much as possible, there will be some stuff simulated, but we try to make it as real as possible,” said Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Henderson

He says the training will enable various agencies to coordinate their efforts in a controlled environment, dealing with situations that could arise in the
event of an incident during Hall of Fame Week that would require the scope of the response being simulated.

Officers will be in tactical gear and hazardous materials personnel will be in chemical protective clothing.

The training exercise will be on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at two separate areas, on the east side of the stadium, and at 1915 Clearview Ave NW.

Streets will be closed in the immediate area of the exercise, and a public notice will be released leading up to and on the day of the exercise.