(WHBC) – The Canton City School District Board of Education approved the transition agreement with Superintendent Adrian Allison at a special meeting Tuesday night.

“The decision to separate from the district was Allison’s, we as a board did not go to him and ask for a resignation,” said Board Vice President Eric Resnick.

The Board says Allison informed them in December of his decision to leave the district.

We asked Resnick if Allison gave a reason for his decision to leave.

Resnick said the reason is one of the things the board still isn’t allowed to talk about, per the transition agreement.

The agreement states, among other things, that the Board agrees that there are no substantiated complaints of wrongdoing against Allison, and that he is not ceasing his employment under the threat of termination or because of any investigation regarding an act unbecoming the teaching profession.

In November, Allison got into a verbal altercation with a student at a football game.

After an initial five-year deal, the Board gave Allison only a one-year contract starting in August of 2018.

The transition agreement calls for Allison to be paid $93,538 which is the remainder of his contract, and a $5,000 contracted bonus.

The agreement also says both sides have agreed not to sue each other.

Resnick said he didn’t want it to end like this, but he’s excited about what the future holds for Canton City Schools, which has been told by the state that it is approaching “academic distress.”

“I think that we will be putting the district on a little different footing here very soon.”

Assistant Superintendent Dan Nero will take over as acting superintendent as a nationwide search for the next superintendent begins.

A call has been placed to Allison seeking comment.