Smirnoff Selling Oversized Holiday Ornament Bottles

While attaching mini-bar bottles of booze to your Christmas tree could give off the impression that you might have a problem, Smirnoff has come up with the next best thing.
The vodka giant is putting out ornaments that are filled, not just with the holiday spirit, but 750 milliliters of their actual spirits.
Each of the oversized balls has expressions like “Mix & Mingle,” “#BestGiftEver,” and “Don’t Get Lit, Drink Responsibly” printed on the outside.
Smirnoff says that they will be available nationwide for just $12.99 each, but you’ll have to hurry to the store, because they are a limited edition.
What kind of decorations do you use on the tree? Traditional balls? All shapes and sizes? What about the lights?



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