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We stand together with the Black community. In order to help in the fight against all forms of racism, bigotry and violence, we have brought together organizations and information that can help you peacefully protest and join initiatives to enact change.



Legal Assistance

Support Black Owned Businesses

Protesting Guide:

Tips for Planning Ahead-
*Think of essential needs and care supplies. Know how to get help. Plan ahead with your group on where to meet if you are separated.
*Stay calm if things get heated.
*Watch out for others who seem to be getting panicked or stressed.
*Document, film, or write down injuries that occur

What to Bring-
*Water bottle with a squirt top.
*Energy snacks.
*Enough money for food, emergency phone calls, or transportation
*Your ID and emergency contact info.
*Watch, paper, writing utensil
*Inhaler, epipen, etc, any needed prescriptions.
*Feminine hygiene products
*First aid kits
*Wet wipes, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.

Dealing with Teargas-
*Avoid oils and lotions – they can trap chemicals
*Gas masks are best for tear gas. Wet bandannas and goggles will also help.
*Stay calm. Panicking will increase irritation.
*Blow your noise, cough and spit. Avoid swallowing.
*If you wear contacts, have someone help you remove them that has clean hands, or clean your hands off and then remove them yourself.
*Do not rub it in.
*For an eye flush, use a solution of half liquid antacid, and half water.

What Not to Do-
*Don’t use vaseline, mineral oil, or sunscreen or lotions that are oil based. It will trap chemicals.
*Try to avoid wearing contacts.
*Don’t wear jewelry, or things that can be grabbed.
*Don’t go alone if you can help it
*Don’t forget to eat food and lots of water

What to Wear-
*Shatter resistant goggles and a face mask, or a N95 face mask if you can
*Comfortable shoes, that are also protective, that you can run in if needed.
*Fresh clothes
*Hat to protect from the sun and chemicals

Know Your Rights-
*Freedom of Expression and Assembly
*Protection of the Right to Freedom of Assembly
*Freedom from Excessive Use of Force
*Right to Medical Assistance
*Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
*Right to Complain