The 91st Academy Awards are today, with Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale and Rami Malek up for the big prize for best actor and actress, among other nominees. But don’t worry if your favorite doesn’t walk away with an Oscar, some of Hollywood’s best actors have been snubbed completely.

For example, John Travolta didn’t nab either of his two nominations in the past, and neither did his “Pulp Fiction” co-star Samuel L Jackson for any of the 100-plus films he’s starred in. Some people haven’t even been nominated, like Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively. Here are some more actors and actresses who have never won an Oscar, and in some cases nominated.

Scarlett Johansson
Tom Cruise
Emily Blunt
Bradley Cooper
Jim Carrey
Hugh Grant – wasn’t even nominated for “Love Actually”
Salma Hayek
Hugh Jackman – has a Golden Globes and an Emmy, but no Oscars
Ewan McGregor
Harrison Ford
Demi Moore
Bruce Willis
Ryan Gosling – was robbed of his Oscar back in 2017, and it’s wasn’t the first time
Rachel McAdams
Jude Law
Jake Gyllenhaal
Ryan Reynolds
Cameron Diaz
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mark Wahlberg
Michelle Williams
John Travolta
Johnny Depp
Robert Downey Jr
Helena Bonham Carter
Keira Knightley
Naomi Watts
Amy Adams- has been nominated six times, but no wins
Steve Buscemi
Will Smith


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