I loooove a good deal. And when I found these retro kicks at DSW Shoe Warehouse, I felt like I hit the gold mine!  I found these Penny Loves Kenny pumps back in the clearance section. These bad boys were going for $44.99. But with the additional green discount (thank you DSW Shoe Warehouse!) I only paid around $27.

When I sent a photo of these to my bestie, she couldn’t understand why I immediately fell in love with them. The overall look she said was “fun,” but she would “have no idea what to wear them with.” Now, I could understand why this particular pair of shoes has been overlooked. The army green color, mixed with the application of patches all over the shoes would probably turn most people away. There is so much going on with it, how would you find an outfit combo to match? But I love incorporating quirky finds, challenging myself to find ways to make them work with my wardrobe.

I plan on wearing these bad boys with my dark denim or black skinny jeans. From there, I’m thinking a black tunic top, or a black tee with some sort of a retro print on it, paired with my moto-jacket.

My only complaint is they are a little pinchy. I’m going to see if some shoe inserts can fix that problem. Still, I can’t wait to wear these on a fun night out!