Many of us have experienced the slow let down having to put a personal passion on hold because of work. While many of us want to make a living from our passion projects, we still have to pay rent or the mortgage. Well if you have a side hustle that you want to make your main hustle, Stok Cold Brew Coffee is here to help you out!

Stok Cold Brew is holding a “Sabbatical Giveaway” for $30,000 for 3 lucky contestants. This is to let the participant quit their job or take a small leave and pursue their passion in style! They are basically giving you a 2-4 week vacation! You will be given $20,000 for traveling expenses, and $10,000 to use however you would like. To qualify, a 300 word limit summary must be submitted about your current work. The essay must also include the work you aspire to do with the prize. Lastly, They’re also looking for someone with strong social media game, so they want someone who will post pictures, videos, and selfies of your experience.

Do you have a side hustle that has been on the back burner? What would you do with the $30,000?

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