I know this seems like the kind of story a radio station would push; however, music really does have health benefits! Studies from The University of Central Florida have shown in the past that it can improve cognitive and motor skills, reducing stress, depression, and building new neurons. But another study sheds more light on more specifics on how to listen to music for the most benefit.

While eating right and exercising are important to our health, a new study from streaming service Deezer says that we should be listening to 78 minutes of music a day for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just 78 minutes of daily music that’s important but five different kinds of music like uplifting and calming music, music to overcome sadness, manage anger and to motivate or help with concentration that we should be listening to help our well-being.  Think of it this way; eating vegetables is important but a variety of vegetables is even better for our diet. The British Academy of Sound Therapy says that different types of music affect how blood flows to different parts of our brain and can help a body and mind stay fit.

How much music do you listen to each day?  What artist do you listen to if you want to feel calm (or motivated, etc.)?

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