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Pet-Related Scams Surge During Pandemic  

Here’s a pandemic effect you probably didn’t see coming – a rise in pet-related scams. According to…

Disney Will Stop Attractions If A Guest Removes Their Mask

Disney is doing whatever they can to ensure guests stay properly masked when visiting their parks. They…

CDC Urges Americans Not To Travel For Thanksgiving

On Thursday, the CDC issued its strongest warning yet – please stay home this Thanksgiving. The agency…

Local Teacher Makes Plea, Gives Inside Look On Classroom Conditions

The return to school this year has been a tumultuous one. Many schools have already shut down…

Cruise Ship Sees COVID-19 Outbreak On Trip Meant To Show That Cruises Were Safe

A cruise ship company is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak on one of its ships – during…

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus

They’re reportedly doing okay though, and they are taking it day-by-day!

Dave & Jimmy: COVID-19 Song

Dave makes a song for the coronavirus as a catchy way to remember to wash your hands!

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