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Dave & Jimmy: Halloween Casket

Jimmy is not about this in the slightest! See if Jimmy can last 10 seconds encased in…

Dave & Jimmy: KFC Sexy Bucket Of Chicken Halloween Costume

If there’s 2 things that the kids don’t like, it’s apparently Harry Potter and Dave! Psychic Alexa…

$4 Burritos At Chipotle For Those Who Come In Halloween Costume

I mean you don’t have to tell me twice about discounted Chipotle! I will definitely spend more…

Ways To Keep Your Jack-O-Lantern Fresh

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns is a tradition that I was late to adopt. Way back when, my family never…

Area 51 Themed Halloween Costume Very Creative!

Do you have your Halloween costume figured out yet?

The Most Disliked Halloween Candies

I mean, I feel like you know deep in your gut which candy America just will not…

Go Ahead And Start Getting Scared Right Now, Netflix Has Your Haunted Needs Covered This Halloween Season

Check out the spooky line-up coming to Netflix just in time for Halloween season!  

Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs. Who Knew???

I know lots of people dress up their dog for Halloween…but GUINEA PIGS???

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