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10 Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

If you’re still trying to figure out the best way to celebrate your loved one, we’ve got…

Hamilton Movie With Original Cast Set For Next Year

If this is a musical you’re excited to see on film, they have announced an approximate release…

Recap Of 2020 Super Bowl Ads

ICYMI, here were just a few of the ads that happened yesterday!

Kesha Releases Her New Album “High Road”

Kesha just dropped her new album and it features some interesting artists!    

Study Shows That 3 of 5 Americans Are Lonely

Maybe take the time out to call or hang out with a friend this weekend. Remember, we…

Strengthening Your Immune System To Avoid Flu

A strong immune system can definitely help you avoid the flu! With the flu spreading a lot…

Smart Contact Lens Currently In Development

A company looking at creating the Mojo Lens to bring smart technology to the next level! Still…

Snoop Dogg & Dunkin To Create Plant Based Sandwich

Between Snoop’s lobster thermidor and his Dunkin sandwich, should we be calling him Chef Snoop?

Drinking Tea May Help You Live Longer

Don’t be spilling the tea, drink it! It’s good for your health!

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