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5 Everyday Objects to Avoid Touching as Coronavirus Spreads

Although coronavirus mainly spreads via respiratory droplets, it is possible to catch the virus by touching contaminated…

CDC Details the Dangers of Facial Hair Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released an infographic detailing how certain types of…

Tinder Announces New Safety Features For Users

The dating app is rolling out features that are aimed to help keep users more safe and…

TikTok Issues New Guidelines Addressing Security Flaws

Fans of the popular creative app should now be a little bit safer while they scroll.

Ohio Drivers Crowned Worst In The Nation

A new study by Insurify explains why our roads are seemingly always a mess.

You’ve Been Hydrating Wrong

It’s important to stay hydrated but there is a fine line between being safe and staying healthy!

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