If you’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift since her country days, she may have a surprise for you!

While Taylor Swift’s 7th album, Lover, will drop this Friday, the real news is about her first 6 albums. Big Machine Records, the label that was home to Taylor Swift for years, was acquired by Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings for $300 million. That acquisition caused Taylor to lose her master recordings, but she still retains her composition copyright. She said that she was never given a fair chance to acquire her masters. Kelly Clarkson hopped on Twitter and suggested that Taylor re-record her albums and that she would buy them if she did. Looks like Taylor heard Kelly because in a recent interview she said that is what she is going to do.

Do you think she’ll record them to sound the same? Would you buy all six albums again to support Taylor Swift?

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