Personally, I don’t usually go hard into the Christmas songs this time of year. I will usually put on an album or two as we get closer to Christmas. I don’t usually get to nostalgic over the old Christmas tunes or movies. On the other hand though, I do welcome new Christmas songs if not for the sole fact that I haven’t sang them a thousand times in my elementary school choir.

That being said, Taylor Swift released her new Christmas song today. This video’s got the things that really bring me into the season: a wonderful melody that still evokes Christmas but with a fun new spin, and old Christmas home videos! My Christmas was never really filled with watching classic Christmas movies around an open fire. Big gatherings with family flying in from out of state, Christmas shopping events, big Christmas Parties, and taking a vacation, weren’t things for my family, so I couldn’t ever really relate to those things in movies and music videos.

What I do relate to, though, is watching old home videos of my brother and I as kids playing in the snow, being pulled around on a sled by my parents, and a small gathering of just 4 people around a tree on Christmas morning.

If that sounds like your Christmas, this video may bring back some nostalgia for you. And if you need a new Christmas tune for your playlist, this may be a mainstay for you!

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