Thank goodness for on-demand viewing. One Delaware teenager went binge-watching the superhero show “The Flash” on Netflix and became a superhero himself.

Turns out Damir Carter, 13, stayed up late last Tuesday night so he could keep watching the show “The Flash” on Netflix despite his mom telling him not to. He was supposed to go to bed at 9:30 p.m., but stayed up to watch the show on his phone until 1 a.m. Suddenly, he heard things breaking and first thought it was the family cat playing in the bathroom. He later saw smoke in the hallway and noticed the fire.

Carter started yelling for his parents, waking up his mother. They helped get their pets out of their trailer home. Unfortunately, they could not save four dogs, a cat, and three bearded dragons. Carter’s father was not home at the time.

Authorities said the fire started after a power strip with too many electronics plugged in overheated. Carter’s mom says he won’t be punished for watching Netflix and disobeying her. However, this family also lost their previous house to a fire.

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