The Best Places For Soup In Canton

January is National Soup Month, so to celebrate, we came up with a list of the best places for soup in Canton. While this list certainly isn’t all inclusive, we took a look at some of the most popular soup spots in the area and found out that Stark County loves soup. From hearty classics to new favorites, the kitchens in Canton have a big bowl ready for you and here’s some of the best places for soup in Canton.

Grinders Above and Beyond

Grinders Above and Beyond is arguably the epicenter of local soup and a visit to any of their locations makes it clear why. With locations in Alliance, Canton, Dover, Hartville, Louisville, Minerva and North Canton, you won’t have to look far to find a Grinders and regardless which location you stop by, they’re gonna have a rotation of their iconic soups.

Kennedy’s Bar B Que

The 101 year old Canton landmark is best known for their ham sandwiches and unique home made relish, Kennedy’s Bar B Que is also home to their Bean Soup along with other options.

Deli Ohio

Located in downtown Canton, Deli Ohio uses fresh, local ingredients to add extra flavor and life to their soups. In their rotation of seasonal based items, Deli Ohio is currently offering Chili, Hearty Chicken Noodle, Ginger Carrot Bisque and Chipotle Sweet Potato Black Bean.

Benders Tavern

Another downtown Canton restaurant makes the list of the best soups in Canton. Bender’s Tavern is Canton’s oldest and finest dining establishments and for 60 plus years, they’ve been serving their famous turtle soup. Unique and almost part bisque/part gumbo, the turtle soup has established itself as one of Canton’s favorites.

Basil Asian Bistro

While they might be best known for their sushi, Basil Asian Bistro is a consistent source of high quality soup. From their popular wonton soup with hearty dumplings to the Coconut Chicken, Miso or Hot and Sour, Basil always has multiple options if you’re in the mood for soup.