The Net Worth of 5 Canton Celebrities

Canton, Ohio has it’s fair share of celebrities and I’ve researched what they have listed for a net worth. Some of them might surprise you, some of them might not be names you know and some of them might be inaccurate. I found all of these numbers on the internet and as you’re probably aware, the internet has at least some misinformation on it. While some people think it’s just old football players and crime here, Canton, Ohio has some sent some notable people into the world and here’s their networth.

Jake Abel – Net worth – $2 Million

An actor with credits that include Percy Jackson, I Am Number Four, The Host and Supernatural. Jake Able was born in Canton, Ohio on November 18th, 1987.


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Macy Gray – Net Worth – $12 Million

Best known for her smash hit song “I Try”, Macy Gray has been in a ton of movies as well, including Spider-Man, Training Day, Scary Movie 3 and more. She was born in Canton, Ohio September 6th, 1967.


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Trippie Redd -Net Worth- $5 Million 

The youngest celebrity on our list of the net worth of 5 Canton celebrities, Trippie Redd still has love for Canton, Ohio and has been doing food giveaways in his birth place. He was born in Canton on June 18th, 1999.

Eddie Levert -Net Worth- $18 Million

The O’Jays had hits and Eddie Levert was a musician, song writer and producer on all of them. Eddie Levert was born in Alabama, but he called Canton, Ohio home after he moved there at age 6.


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Marilyn Manson -Net Worth- $2.5 Million

Born in Canton, Ohio on January 5th, 1969, Marilyn Manson has been one of the most controversial figures of the past 25 years. Just to be honest with you, this low number for his net worth has me feeling skeptical about the accuracy of I know Manson has been involved in a ton of scandal with allegations of sexual abuse and he was let go from numerous projects, but the number still seems off. He sold millions and millions of CDs, t-shirts, concert tickets. Just the money Manson has made from song licensing has to be more than this.


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