Starbucks, while not actively trying, has become the cool spot for teens. It all started with the frappuccino. A simple, more like a milkshake drink that allow kids to feel like an adult at Starbucks. Teens also like being able to “speak the language” of “venti” and “macchiato” because not everyone speaks “Starbucks” and that distinguishes them from others. Starbucks has become the cool neighborhood hangout for a lot of kids with libraries slashing their hours and community centers almost non-existent. While Starbucks claims to not actively cater to teens, over the years that seems to have changed.  Who remembers the Unicorn or the Zombie Frappuccino? In 2011 Starbucks became the top restaurant brand for teens. At what age did you let your child get a drink from Starbucks? What did they order?

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