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A super sweet video of a dad picking up his high school senior from school for the last time and the backstory that led up to that emotional and silly moment.


@wealthyjev I’ve been doing these #daddydaugther pickup videos for over 2 years and this was my daughter @Reigny ‘s LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL so I thought this would be appropriate m. I didn’t know we would get this #emotional ♬ Intergalactic Janet – Ley Soul

You may have seen this video of Jevin Smith picking up his daughter Jayna from high school for the last time. He’s dressed like the Boyz II Men video for “End of the Road” and he’s singing that song as he walks up to hug her. She’s embarrassed, laughing and crying because it’s the last time. It’s so good…even Boyz II Men commented congratulations to her on graduating!!

This has been a tradition for these two…he has been showing up, acting silly, wearing different costumes, dancing around to pick her up through middle and high school career. 


@wealthyjev YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED ON THIS #parentpickup I was #embarrassing my daughter @Reigny and then this… 😳I believe I got SERVED 🤣🕺🏽 Excellent job @Shane ♬ original sound – Wealthy Jev
@wealthyjev WE’RE BACK!!!! 😜 Schools back in and here’s the first #DaddyDaughter pick up of the new school year!! 😜 I had to get my daughter @Reigny with that 90s flavor! Some #BBD #Poison #fyp #embarrassingdad #parentpickupline ♬ Poison (Original R&b 12″ Mix) – Bell Biv Devoe


@outkast My daddy don’t mess around @Wealthy Jev #outkast #andre3000 ♬ Hey Ya! – Outkast

It started off just him sitting in the car, but his son suggested one day he gets out to do his little performance and he’ll record him. Her friends got video a lot of the time too. He and her brother have done Kriss Kross’ “Jump Jump”, jumping around dancing with the song, MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This” with the parachute pants and the dance moves. What amazing and fun memories he has made for them!