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Legal analysts are looking at whether Erica Herman’s $30 million lawsuit has any merit against ex-boyfriend, Tiger Woods. The two started dating 6 years ago when she managed one of his restaurants. At the beginning of their relationship, he had her sign a non-disclosure agreement that would bar her from talking about their relationship and she now wants that nullified. She claims they had a verbal agreement that she could live in his $43 million dollar mansion for 11 years. But claims his agents used “trickery” to get her out of the house on a vacation after which he moved her things out and had the locks changed.

She’s claiming sexual abuse as grounds to nullify the NDA. Entertainment Tonight talked to a lawyer not affiliated with the case who doesn’t believe her case has any “legs to stand on”, while Woods says her claims are “invalid” and wants it handled privately. Sources say this is kind of how Tiger does things, having a history of “ghosting” people once he’s done with them and moves on.