Think back to the last time you’ve had those delicious pizza morsels fresh out of the oven oozing with molten, gooey cheese. It’s easy to think back fondly to the burst of flavor and searing first degree burns. I know they were a permanent grocery buy for my family as well as many others. Now they continue to serve as an easy snack for when I’m missing home or when I have imbibed too much.

If this rings true for you as well, Totino’s is hoping to take all those childhood memories and wrap them into a snack mix that anyone of any age will love.  The snacks come in Original and American favorites and feature the famous pizza rolls cheesy marinara bites, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread bites, and more.  Look for the snacks to hit shelves this fall.


What are your favorite Totino’s snacks?

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