Try This ‘Secret’ Hack For Finding Netflix Shows

Ever been scrolling through your Netflix account and you keep seeing the same movie titles over and over again? How can Netflix claim to have over 6,000 movies and shows and it seems like your account only has 600?

Well, thanks to TikTok user @caseyyisfetchh you can now see all 6,000 Netflix titles and maybe even more! Casey learned a hack where you can put in a secret code in the search bar and specific genres become available.  For instance, put in 75930 to see all the films about werewolves. Love Turkish movies? Just use code 1133133. If you have kids you can put in an age range such as 5455 for a list of movies geared toward kids ages five to seven.

The codes work whether you’re using your desktop computer or the search bar on your smart TV. While using your desktop you can search for a list of codes.  Did you know there were secret codes for Netflix?