Chronic medical issues can be quite a frightening experience when it comes to a boil! As a kidney patient myself, I dread the day where I may find I may need to go through dialysis or transplant. Each doctor visit so far, I’ve come out of the other end just fine, and for that I count my blessings. But there will come a day where I will get the news I have always been anxious about. The positive in all this is the love and support my friends and family have shown. It really makes all the difference in how I look at these medical issues. That’s why I’m elated to hear when that kind of friendship gets taken to the next level!

On the other end of Ohio, a University of Cincinnati student, Mohamed Emlemdi, was on the rough end of his kidney function. He had started getting very ill, and found himself being kept alive via kidney dialysis. When you kidneys stop filtering the bad out, a machine does it for you. Emlemdi ended up having to go live back with his parents again. His former roommate, Julian Litvak, decided to check to see if he was compatible, unbeknownst to Mohamed. Turned out they were! After the transplant, both are doing well, and Emlemdi has a new shared bond with his friend!

Do you know someone who has given something priceless to help a friend?

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